Le logement social au vert à Tanger

Social housing accounts for 44% of the buildings on Tangier is 4400 units 10 000.

In recent years, social housing in Tangiers squats leadership in production and selling real estate before the other categories to the point that the city of North is the first positions on social constructions authorizations Morocco. Social housing, whose sales reached their highest peak in 2014, with 4400 units contributes to urban development of the city.

Despite the decline in sales experienced by the social housing sector in Tangier last year continues to achieve almost half of the local constructions with a selling price set by the state at 250,000 dhs meeting the housing needs of the population local. “This dynamic has been engaged since 2010 with the implementation of the social housing stimulus plan 2010-2020, which encouraged in addition to the major listed real estate groups in the Exchange and early investors in this sector, professionals instead to invest. This resulted in strong competition that played in favor of the quality of this segment, “said Mr. Yaakoub, president of the Union real estate developers Tangier. This construction meets the needs of different social strata of the territory. From primary need a main housing, a base for the MRE (Moroccans living abroad) and Moroccans living in other regions of Morocco. Social housing is built on the outskirts of the city Strait Tanja Balia, Mesnana and on the road to Rabat and several subdivisions that of Tetouan

For 6 years, the Moroccan State has signed agreements with almost a hundred decpromoteurs real estate for the construction of 135,000 social housing and to date more than 22 000 dwellings were completed.

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